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Commercial Security Systems With Advanced Technology 

The assets that reside within your office go well beyond the people that work there. Your equipment, your PCs, your furnishings, even your confidential trade secrets and billing records are all ready targets for after-hours break-ins. Pioneer Communications can install a brand-new multiple-zone system or replace your current security system with such must-have features as those mentioned below:

  • Commercial Security Systems
  • Fire Alarms
  • Telephone Systems
  • Surveillance Cameras/CCTV
  • Door Access
  • User Guides

Your business must-haves...

Text-Display Interactive Keypads

This make it easier to enter commands, leave notes for other workers, and set functions in advance using multiple security codes.

Remote Keychains

This lets you turn systems on and off from the comfort of your car or as you enter the building.

Dog And Cat-Friendly Sensors

This reacts to emergencies but not the movement of office pets.

Programmable Panic Buttons

These are used to quickly summon help. They can be mounted in various locations or worn as a pendant for protection in medical emergencies. 

Internet-Viewable Video

Sending surveillance video images to LCD screens anywhere in the world, or to any TV equipped with a digital cable box.

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